Frequently Asked Questions

Can I consult the Center without a letter of referral?
A letter of referral is not required for consultation. However, if you already see a medical institution for primary care, we can provide consultation at our Center more smoothly when you have a letter of referral.

Can I use insurance?
Insurance can be used as with other dental care institutions. However, since the Center submits reports regarding facility standards and handling of disorders, fees for oral health management may differ from other institutions.

Can I consult the Center without a disability certificate?
A disability certificate is not required for consultation.

Can I use a credit card for payment?
We only accept payments by cash. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What kind of disabilities are accepted by the Center? Can my family member with dementia receive your services?
We provide consultation to those with dementia. Our Center offers services to all patients that face challenges when visiting local dental care institutions or require special dental care, regardless of the disorder they may have.

If my child is a patient at the Center, can their accompanying family member also receive services?
The Center is exclusively for persons with disabilities, those that face challenges when visiting local dental care institutions, or require special care when receiving dental care.

Can I consult the Center just for feeding guidance or speech guidance?
You may visit the Center just for feeding guidance or speech guidance, but we require all first-time patients to undergo an oral examination and health assessment.

Do you have a parking lot? What size car can enter the parking lot?
Patients may use the underground parking lot of the building the Center is located in (Central Plaza) free of charge within their consultation times. Please understand that the parking lot may be crowded depending on the time. The maximum height clearance for the parking lot is 2.1 meters.

Is there an elevator I can use to go up to Central Plaza from the underground gates with a wheelchair or stroller?
There is an elevator connected to the ground floor near the Central Gate of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line/Namboku line, and along the underground passage leading from the Iidabashi Crossing Gate of the Tozai line.
When you take the elevator up to the ground floor and arrive on Sotobori-dori Ave., please walk to the left along the sidewalk of the street. You will see the residential tower of Central Plaza on your left, and if you continue walking under the eaves of the residential tower, you will arrive at the office tower where the Center is located.
The office tower has an elevator that can take you up from the 1st floor to the 9th floor.

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